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I hooked my Waleye laser driver ttl+ to pin 44 and changed the Marlin file pins_RAMPS_13.h line 67
from: #define FAN_PIN 9 // (Sprinter config)
to: #define FAN_PIN 44 // (Sprinter config)

The Waleye -5v ttl wire is connected to the -5v pin on the same Aux-2 group on the Ramps. I’m getting 12v straight from the power supply.

I haven’t tried it yet because I’m currently using my computer to drive my Prusa i3 and making parts for a chuck for the 4th axis.

No worry on the mount, I’ve already made something that works. And I’ll make my own height gauge when I figure out what works best for my setup.

I have i2gc set up as suggested, using M106 & M107, attached is a screenshot of the gcode it output. Never mind, I opened the file in Notepad and it looks fine. The screenshot is from Notepad++.