Reply To: 3D print shifting



I have the printer running and facing the issue with the part shifting in the Y axis. The filament reel is also on my y axis for the extruder to pull. I tried increasing the voltage to .9v to see if that helped. No luck on that test. I also built a reel system so it wouldn’t create tension on the extruder head. Unfortunely still no improvement. The shifting that I am seeing is right after the first layer and moves in the same direction at what seems to be .3 mm along the y axis. Than around the 20th layer it will shift in the opposite direction and become stable. The only thing I notice is a slight movement in my frame. I have reinforced the the legs because the 3D printer I used previously didn’t perform well (M3D). The x and y axis seems to ride perfectly.

I have used the slicer settings you recommended and even drops speeds to 18 mm/s and still no improvements.