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It was just a quick and dirty test directly on the spoilboard. It didn’t turn out too good.

I used I2G (MPCNC ver) at 500mm/min and 1000mm/min and at both feed rates the x-axis will go about 15mm, slow down (very briefly), go another 15mm and repeat for the whole length, in both directions. It did this when burning from the SD card and when connected to the PC and controlled by Pronterface. I havent tried any other gcode sender, any recommendations?

I’m wondering if maybe I have my Marlin feedrates, acceleration and jerk settings messed up or if something else is going on. I don’t notice the jerkiness when using the router. Are you using the default movement settings in your configuration.h file?

I got the G2 lens with my NDB7875 (from DTR) and at the sharpest focus I don’t get a single spot, there is a lot of non focused scattered light on both sides of the central spot. My camera doesn’t pick up the focused spot very well but you can see the scattered light. Do you get just a clear small spot when focused with the 3 element lens? Maybe I have a problem with my lens too. FYI, the photo is at fan speed = 1.