Reply To: Australian tube options



Hey everyone, just another Kiwi here looking to start getting stuff together for my build.

25mm OD stainless tube appears to be completely impossible to get hold of, so far. I’ve had one company that says they can get it as a special indent, but they weren’t even keen to give me a price due to the fact that it was ‘ridiculous’. Their price for 25.4mm was a couple of hundred dollars a length, so I let it slide.

3dTI – How are you finding the anodized aluminium? That’s the only solution that I’ve found so far that seems like it might come out reasonably. Looks like you must be getting a massively deep discount of list price, there. I came out at $70 for the 5M length from Mico Metals, haven’t checked with Ulrich yet.

A 25.4mm version (sadly) or 26.7mm (standard OD for 20mm nominal pipe) version would be the way to go for us, it seems. 26.7mm OD would have the advantage that galv steel tube is easily and cheaply available in multiple wall thicknesses ranging 2.0mm to 4.0mm, which would allow for things like heavier wall tube on the stationary parts and lighter walled tube on the dynamic parts.