Reply To: 3D print shifting



I tightened the bolts and even had to add some gorilla glue to the extruder mount for more stability. The Z-Axis has improved but it still leans. It looks like the lean is due to the middle ends. I tired tightening those bolts but it still leans. I did print a 30mmx30mmx30mm square. Attached below are some photos.

What I noticed is the on +Y side, it was smooth and straight. The face on the -Y was really rough. I am not sure if this is even considered shifting. I am thinking something along the lines of feed rate?

After the square I decided to make the middle end piece and replace the weak ones I made on the previous printer(The software that the M3D couldn’t infill like the slicer can). I had even worse shifting and looked at the steppers on the x, and y axis. Noticed the set screws actually fell out of the pulleys. Finally I had a successful first layer but then noticed something strange as it was layering. It was not even when layering on the first layer and causing think streaks (see photo below). The 2nd layer the extruder head would literally crash and shift. I decided to drop the extruder voltage back down from .9v to .5v. Had a successful print but then the next print of the middle see did the same thing. This is the first time working with slicer so I’m not sure what would be the next area to look into.