Reply To: Received my Parts




After I have managed by utter most stupidity to blow up my first controller within one hour of my first startup, I made some progress 🙂
I bought a new replacement board, loaded the firmware and hooked up a LCD (this is a must have – really makes it much easier to work with) and did some dry runs just to make sure all is fine. Took a lot of circles in the air to finally have all the paint worked off on my conduit and she started to run very smoothly. I could not find any milling bits in Namibia and had to order online for which I am still waiting.

Today a friend handed me a few bits that he had so I could not wait to try out my Makita! I have absolutely no experience what so every in regards to routing or milling and this is my absolute first try. Loaded Estlcam and opened Vicious Logo and followed his instructions on this site and did my first cut. After about 3 minutes my 2mm milling bit came loose and I had to do an emergency stop. Used some muscle to tighten the bit again and restarted the program – supper happy with the outcome of my (well I have to call it my second cut as for the first one my bit came loose 🙁 ) second cut 🙂 Now its time to start learning Estlcam and how to tune my settings !

Thank you Vicious for this amazing design!!!