Reply To: Australian tube options



Yeah, I’ve dealt with Ulrich a few times. We’ve used a bunch of extrusion and sheet through work, although we’ve never bothered getting accounts set up (too hard to convince the lawyers) and I don’t know anyone there so no chance on getting anything below list price, unfortunately.

Have you got any machines running with it currently? It’s not actually wear that I’m worried about, as I think that will be minimal with the bearings running on it. It’s more the actual peening over of the surface with time, basically the material under the coating cold-forming into flats. We have some big equipment that uses steel cylindrical rails with hardened steel rollers and it has had the same effect, i.e. flat spots wherever the wheels run. That’s with multiple tons of pressure applied by big springs etc. though.

Given that it’s my only option so far, I think I’m just going to run with it for the moment.

Waiting on the hardware kit at the moment and the 3D printer is running away merrily with the other parts. Just finished my longest print ever, all 4x Roller F parts in one go, 30 hours total and 52m (~400g?) of filament. That marks the halfway point for the printing, by weight.