Reply To: Actions from part to print



There are two separate steps depending on whether you are 3D printing or milling:

3D Printing:
– load the stl file into Repetier Host (free) and slice it (it is actually using Cura or Slic3r internally) to create gcode
– Repetier Host can communicate directly with the MPCNC to print the part

– Load the stl file into EstlCAM or CamBam
– I have found that dxf files require much less work for milling than stl files
– Create the tool paths and operations you want to happen using the functions in EstlCAM or CamBam
(mill, drill, profile, engrave, etc….tool diameter, depth of cut, etc….you will have to specify all of this for each item cut)
– Generate the gcode from the menu “File – Save CNC Program”
– Load the gcode into Repetier Host to communicate with the MPCNC to run the program