Reply To: Australian tube options



The quote was for a 5m length of the 25mm diameter, 3mm wall tube, in what I think was 5005 alloy. Normally they will cut ‘roughly’ to length to help with delivery, but won’t do accurate cuts without charging an extra fee per cut. We normally get them to cut in half or thirds and typically it’s +/- 25-50mm on the lengths they cut to. I was going to get it delivered as 2x half lengths and then cut to 6x ~700mm and 2x ~300mm with our mitre saw and a carbide tipped blade.

The anodizing quote was for 7 pieces at 700mm long per piece for simplicity. The 4 places I contacted all appeared to quote significantly differently (per ‘ladder’ of racked parts, per part, per job but it all came out roughly the same).