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Dave Gun

My parts bundle came yesterday!! I used up all but a few coils of blue filament so I finished printing blue for now. I should have more blue filament by the end of the week to finish up the blue parts. The white Corner Block Locks are done, and the Roller Locks are printing.

While waiting on prints to finish, I organized my parts and did a quick inventory. I soldered up the resistor to a piece of 0.1in female header ( )to make a socket so the resistor can be removed. I also tested the RAMPS/Mega board by connecting 3 stepper motors and connecting the power supply. I used Repetier to move the motors. I had some problems, but got it to work with another Mega I had on hand. I put a post in the Trouble Shooting section on this.

I test fit the motors on the mounts, and test fit all the screws and bolts. Some I had to run a drill bit through so the bolt slid cleanly into the hole. The holes for the solder-less wire connectors need to be tight so the screw will thread into the plastic. An 1/8 inch bit seemed to be the right size, so I drilled these and started all the screws.

I’m very impressed with the design of all the parts. I can see the detail put into these parts to make them printer friendly and strong. Well done!