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I work for a small welding fabrication business that mostly does stainless steel and mild steel construction with some occasional aluminum work. My one job most of the time is to make CAD files from customer’s drawings on napkins or whatever and also keep our plasma table constantly running, so I see a ton of metal get torched by plasma. If a customer wants perfectly straight edges and super tight tolerances I send the drawings for milling or water jet at another shop. The kerf and arc wander of a plasma torch work best for stuff like 3/4 plate that is going to get a grinder on it anyway before it’s welded together. I know that plasma isn’t the best option for this but it’s possible.

With that said…

It’s still worth doing for other things.
I’m almost finished with my MPCNC at home and you’d better believe that I’ve already ordered a pen style plasma torch to stick on there and cut with.