Reply To: 3d Print troubleshoot-


mark leino

Yes, the part dimensions are correct coming out correct. Last night when I had that issue I had just opened the garage door, and things were too cold (it was 2 degrees F last night). I keep it about 70 in here normally.

The filament is brand new, I printed about half the parts out for this machine from it last week and it was the best printing filament out of what I got.

Extrusion test:
Well, this was interesting. I raised up 100mm. Extruded 100 manually in repetier, and it looks like about 1000 came out. So then I tried 10, and it just went down to the table and stopped. Strange. When I’m printing though, it doesn’t seem like its using very much filament though. I made a little gear for my printrbot so I could monitor how fast it was using filament, and on this when I have put “marker marks” on the filament it seems to be using it much slower, and adjusting the driver voltage didn’t change that.

I measured the 1000mm piece of filament that extruded in several places just for the heck of it. It measured from .40 – .50 with .47mm being the average. Not sure if that means anything. I’m still pretty new to 3d printing.