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As you know by now my system uses the exact required hardware and software for the inkscape plugin mentioned above. Its funny I think, I am trying to get away from the inkscape plugin and you are looking to go towards it lol. I do not have any issues with the software however I wanted something a bit more user friendly for those who just came in wanting to burn something like an image to material. I have used the inkscape plugin but not to its full potential and that is due to my lack of understanding in all of this. Step by step in forums like this I am learning, but not fast enough. I keep looking for bits of info out there that direct me in how to setup a project from start to finish which I could duplicate in my own projects. I always get pulled away or loose my train of thought, but sometimes I loose interest because the plugins and inkscape freeze up on me. Other times I will have everything absolutely correct but the plugins will not like something (as they say in k40 community), so in that case I cut project and re paste in new document then rerun plugin to have it work. Again I do not understand any of this but sure wish I did so I could have some fun burning stuff;)