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Dave Gun

Most of my major parts are printed. I have been test fitting all the parts as I go. Some holes needed a drill bit run through them. Most of the nut pockets were too tight so I used an xacto knife to take off the edge, and a small flat hobby file to remove anything inside the pocket. All of the bearing slots that had plastic on both sides I needed to file a bit to get the bearing to slide in.

The roller locks took the most work. There is no way the tubes would slide in these. I found a plumbing tool that was just a bit smaller diameter than the OD of the conduit. I wrapped sand paper around the tool, then sanded out the inside of just the roller lock until the conduit would fit and the mounting screws would start into the nuts.

I loosely assembled the corner blocks and roller assembly. I lightly sanded and finished the rails with steel wool, so they are all smooth. I put together the frame with rollers and test fit the gantry rails, everything seems nice and tight, and rolls smooth.

As my Z axis parts are finished, I started test fitting the Z axis parts. I’m feeling good about the cut Middle Z part. I have not glued this yet because I want to make sure the joint didn’t cause a misalignment. I think is looking good. I was mostly concerned the joint would have made the part a bit longer, but I’m sure it is very close.

I want to print my tool holder so I need a tool. Harbor Freight has a sale on there ¼” Trim Router, so I picked up one of these. I found a holder for this on Thingiverse. I did a little modification to it to reduce some plastic. The nut traps are a bit to large for my printer, so I had to shorten these a bit. The holes in the conduit are drilled and nut traps test fitted. I should be able to put together the z axis soon.

I’m enjoying the build. The printed parts are well designed, and the kit has all the parts to put it together.