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Dave Gun


Very cool, you should post some pictures, I would like to see how yours is looking! Maybe a lights out shot 🙂

I have had my printer for about a year. I make a lot of mechanical things that need to fit together. I have always been impressed how accurate you can make parts. But I always need to do some kind of post printing adjustments, like drilling out holes to size, filing inner surfaces, etc. I can appreciate the nice job Ryan did designing these parts that are printed on all different printers and different brands of filaments. I didn’t find a lot build posts with little issues people had and how they did it, so I thought I would include some build notes in my post.

I have been using D123 for design. Its by Autodesk and free for personal use. It isn’t overly complicated to use, and has all the tools to make things to scale.

I hope to have my Z axis put together this afternoon before the Superbowl, while I’m at this I will print out my legs. Good luck on your build!