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mark leino

Oh yeah that does kind of look like mine

I went into file explorer and found where the slicer settings were saved. Mine was in the folder made by slicer: C:/ users /lema0905/appdata/local/repetier host

I deleted every config I made, and went back and entered the posted settings, saving every setting, every screen. Then it magically worked! Also I had another issue going on, z-axis wobble! It’s crazy how such a little movement can cause such a drastic change! That was also making my problem worse. I still don’t quite have it figured out, but its better. I made a coupler out of aluminum and put set screws in it, and i tightened one all the way up, then just tightened the other. By adjusting and tightening them evenly into the rod it improved also. You can see from the pics.