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Dave Gun

WOW! That’s exactly what I said when I put together the Middle Assembly. Putting that together had to be the coolest part of the build. Then I started seeing all the mistakes I made (attached picture called OPPS). I forgot two bearings, and the bolts are all backwards in the the Middle Z. Well, it was so fun, I did it again. I took the Middle Assembly apart, fixed the problems and put it together again (attached Picture WOW). Attention to the assembly detail is important. With the bolts put in backwards, I would have had alignment problems when I put in the lead screw. It was helpful to build the model in 3D first so I had a better understanding of how this all fits together.

I couldn’t resist to put it all together, so I call this my test fit. The movement seems smooth and tight.

I’m printing the legs now. I will work on mounting the stepper motors and wiring. After that I will put it on a good flat level base board and start squaring it up.