Reply To: 3d Print troubleshoot-


James VanDusen

So are you thinking the threaded rod is maybe bent?
It appears pretty straight, I see no struggle going up or down on it.

Wish I knew more about this stuff to help troubleshoot, but it is like its maybe not getting hot enough? I see it at a constant 204 degrees while its printing…
I’m using the common hatchbox brand… red 1.75 PLA.

I have cleared out the settings and redone them…. NOTE to Mike… renaming that folder did not clear out the settings My Settings or the configured stuff… I will look for it elsewhere.
But I created 3 new profiles called .27 40% .4 Settings etc and a My Settings and then I just said TEST and all of them following the instructions, all the settings appear to be ok when I load back up the software.

Here is a screen shot of the printer settings where I matched your screen shot changing the 3600 to 4800 etc… that seemed to make it worse.