Reply To: Occasional Z-axis vibrate without turning

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Great – I’ll continue on with testing and watch the heat.

By “active cooling” – are you referring to the stepper motor, or the driver (or both)? I am putting the Mega/RAMPS in a box with dual 50mm fans so there will be active cooling on the drivers ((minion) ramps 1.4 for mostly printed cnc multitool) – should be done in a couple days.

In looking at the Pololu site for the 8825 (DRV8825 Stepper Motor Driver Carrier, High Current) under the Current Limiting section, it does state that “Current Limit = VREF * 2”. Maybe I’m looking at the wrong data sheet, or I misunderstand the page? But it does sound like heat is the main thing to watch, though maybe I’ll measure actual current to see what I’m getting to the motor to confirm this…?

Thanks for your help!