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I spent the better part of over a month working with jeff at piclaser aggressively testing but his final word was that is was not possible with the forked marlin software I currently run. Believe me, I wanted so badly for that software to work due to its ease of use and the outcome. I am gettting the results I am need and want from your image2gcode version, with the same beautiful results that pic laser offered in their product. It is difficult using the image2gcode only because I have only 10-30 min/max power I can use which limits the variations for laser intensity. Where as those running diode lasers have a range 0-255, makes a difference in end result. I guess it would be like having 20 crayons or 255 to work with, the 255 will be much more colorful and offer more in regards to options. I would be happy to share with you the email threads from piclaser and myself if that would help you in your development process. Also Leo never got back to me, I posted my folder on google drive which contains my current version of marlin that I run. The version I run when uploaded says there are serious memory issues and could cause issues in my functionality of laser. Leo was going to look at the code and see what I could let go of or delete to free up space.

In all I am super pleased with your image2gcode aside from a few personal additions it works perfect for my needs as I continue to learn inkskape and the plugins offered within.