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Nice, Andreas! I think there must be quite a few of them in the wild because I’ve met quite a few people who have heard of them. Just over the past couple of weeks I’ve been helping someone who missed out on the last batch of kits and ended up with something a bit cheaper/crappier. I hope yours has been as reliable and bombproof as mine. I think mine is around 2.5 years old now (ordered end of 2013) and I’m not actually sure how much filament I’ve put through it. Probably around the 10kg mark, but mostly as large prints.

I like the reel holder. I’m in a pretty hot/humid part of the world so I keep the reels in a big plastic bin, each in their original bags with dessicant, etc. I’ve never had any change dimension on me noticeably, so that’s obviously working out ok. What’s the tape you’re using on the bed? I’ve never had to use anything other than bare glass for the PLA I’m using and glass + ABS juice for printing with ABS the few times I’ve done it.

Ryan: I’ll let you know. Still haven’t got the tube, but I might be able to pick it up tomorrow. Shipping was going to be half the price of the tube. Was also carless over the last weekend due to mechanics ordering the wrong parts in. I’ve transported some odd things by motorbike but a pair of 2.5m long aluminium extrusions isn’t about to be on that list!

As for the printing progress, the middle Z piece was the first decent part I had ever printed with support and it came out beautifully. I was actually quite impressed. I’d printed a few basic test objects before but the inability to remove the support cleanly etc. just led me to decide that it was better to just bridge and be careful with my part design. I’ve never run into a situation where I absolutely needed it, thankfully. I don’t know what other people’s experience with PLA and support was like, but Slic3r worked perfectly.

The parts had the support come off cleanly with a little encouragement from a box cutter and steel rule as a wedge. Nowhere near as easy as the peelable support on our Up Box or Up Mini work printers, but plenty easy enough that I’ll use it in the future without worry.