Reply To: Plasma tech discussion



The z-axis was the part I was thinking will be the biggest problem as well. I’m considering aluminum tool holders and anything below the middle assembly on the gantry.

The water table we have here has an additive in the water. I forget what it’s called and we don’t have any on hand, so I’ll have to find out what it is.

I know that the HF will be an issue, that’s why I’m hesitant to run it on my only electronics setup. I’ll invest in another Ramps board and a Mega clone to run the initial unit just in case. I’d like to dedicate the cheapo welder/ cutter to the CNC table because otherwise I really have no use for it.

After doing some searching, I found a post on the Mach 3 forums that addresses this very issue. HF elimination for CNC The solution in the post was to create a pilot arc in the torch tip by connecting a wire from the tip to ground, eliminating the HF start. Seems like it would work and I’m willing to risk this machine trying.