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This will probably be the last bit of info I post before I have to actually do work (right now I’m pretending to work on something while the table is running that I actually finished last night :D).

Apparently most “sophisticated” pilot arc systems just involve a current sensor in series with the ground clamp that is attached to the work piece. This current sensor actually triggers a relay that is in series with a resistor and the pilot arc wire, opening the circuit and turning off the pilot arc once the plasma touches the work piece and begins to cut. I feel like this is a pretty simple circuit but I may be missing something critical and it’s not entirely necessary for us to start cutting with plasma. But I’m not an electrical engineer, so I could be wrong.

Here’s the link to the Hypertherm website. they give a really nice explanation of how it all works.

Now I just need to finish the dang MPCNC…