Reply To: Received my Parts



After playing a bit with my MPCNC it was time to do my first real job with it.

I was thinking of how I will clamp anything to the bed for milling and came up with an idea of using the machine to cut some nut traps into the superwood, drill holes through and insert nuts and flip the board over. Print some clamping blocks and hope it will work.

Quickly draw a 6mm nut profile, imported it into estlcam and spaced 35 of them over my working area. I used a 4mm endmill, 0.5mm deep cuts at a time 5mm deep with a feed rate of 2.0mm/s . I am super happy how it turned out! the nuts are a perfect press in fit! The holes i drilled through by hand afterwards. I am still printing the clamping blocks I downloaded from thingiverse and hope everything will work out.