Reply To: Need help configurater map graphic in marlin


Good evening ted,
I bought the complete set. But there is a small bug when I want to print a second object and above all I have to change the stpes_unit value of the extruder (200 I have to go to 1428). It takes a long time to turn the wheel !!!
I downloaded the Marlin file from the website vicious. I followed exactly Changes “configuration h” except steps_unit of the extruder.
After uploading to the Arduino ==> totally blue LCD (communication between the computer and the card is good, the recognized USB port). I even have the confirmation message on the remaining place in the Arduino after upload.
So I went back in the marlin and no option is validated for the LCD. By searching the internet many say it is necessary to validate the line I sity.
Certainly I must have a permission problem OR I have not downloaded the U8glib (the qua I downloaded is U8glib-master)
Let’s say if there was another LCD configuration option in Marlin without installing this library it would be easier for me …