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Have finished all the big prints now, just about to start one final pass to finish off all the little pieces.

Image shows it all arranged on the desk. Out of sight are the translucent orange pieces for the feet.

In order to use my filament relatively evenly, I’ve printed it all in varying colours on pretty much a whim. With the DiamondAge filament, I’ve never noticed any preference for different settings with the different colours and they all seem to print the same. The pieces are colour coded as to where they’re being used, apart from the red Roller Locks, which I might re-print in sapphire just to match the Roller F parts.

Also picked up 3x 2.5m lengths of 25mm diameter, 3mm wall Aluminium. $120NZ incl GST all up from Ulrich Aluminium, die number UA1248. This will give me enough for 6 lengths at 800mm for the frame rails, one length at 800mm that will get cut up for the Z rails and plenty spare for the legs. I’m going to end up with probably ~1.5m spare, but that’s not such a bad thing, so I’ll call the aluminium cost $100, even.

I’ve confirmed again with Anodising Industries in Onehunga that 7-8 pieces of up to 800mm long with regular anodising will just be their basic minimum job cost of $50 incl GST. For $60 they’ll do it as black. If there are pieces that are shorter then that will require setting up a 2nd jig which will make it $80-90ish so the current plan is to have one extra piece the same length as the X/Y pieces and then cut it down post anodising. The guy said that because it sounds like an easy job to set up, they might be able to run it as ‘Marine’ anodising for the same price, which would result in a thicker surface finish, I believe. The main reason to avoid >800mm long parts is that this company can’t handle them , which leaves me with the other companies that were charging pretty much double.

The downside of that is that 800mm lengths leave me short of my goal of 610mm cut width. Now that I’ve got the tube, it looks a lot flimsier than I original expected so I doubt the 900×900 machine required to run a >600mm cutting area would actually be a good idea. I figure I’ll stick with 800mm long rods and I can always shrink the machine later, if it doesn’t look like it will be rigid enough for what I want to do.

So assuming I can scavenge materials for an adequate table, the current total cost is:
MPCNC Hardware Kit + Shipping = NZ$490.65
Aluminium Tube + Anodising = NZ$150
Printer Filament, ~1.5kg = NZ$85
500W Air Cooled Spindle + PSU + Collets = NZ$188.46

Total: NZ$915 (~US$600)

So a bit more than I was expecting to spend at the start of this, but if you compare it side-by-side with no spindle, still about 1/3 the price of a Shapeoko.