Reply To: Australian tube options



I’ve made a build thread to put some pics up and stick with my random musings so far. There are a couple of photos of the printed parts that I’ve got so far, Kawobei. Hope you like the colours!

I’ve picked up 3x 2.5m lengths of the Ulrich UA1248 25mm diameter, 3mm wall aluminium and done some chatting with an anodizing company to figure out the cheapest way to get it all done.

If I was approaching this from the perspective of trying to cut the costs slightly, I think my approach (given the relative flimsiness of the aluminium now that I’ve got some in hand) would be to try get all the aluminium cut from one 5m length. Assuming that the highest Z height puts the bottom of the rail at 25mm above the base of the corner blocks (rough guess based on the render showing on thingiverse) and a spindle+tool protruding 50mm from the bottom of the tool holder piece, I think I’d end up with for the following dimensions:

7x 620mm pieces to get anodized (2x X rails, 2x Y rails, 1x X carriage rail, 1x Y carriage rail, 1 piece to be cut in half for the Z rails)
4x 140mm pieces for the legs
Assuming 5mm wide kerf (roughly what our chop-saw does) then that pretty much perfectly eats a 5m length (or 2x 2.5m lengths)

Resulting machine would have a working area of:
X/Y = 350mm
Z = 110mm

Obviously the Z can be shrunk by cutting the piece allocated for the Z into less than halves, but this is just the ‘largest’ machine I think you can make from a single 5m length, paying attention to the anodising requirements. This also doesn’t make as much sense if the anodising company doesn’t mind working with different length parts, but this is based on the couple of companies that considered the different lengths different parts and were going to charge different for jigging up each.

Don’t know if that musing will help anyone, but figure it’s worth dumping somewhere.