Reply To: Fit too tight


Dave Gun

A few things I found so far. I used 3 brands of filament. Printrbot (blue), Filament Outlet (White), and Hatchbox (blue). The Printrbot filament was the best. The parts came out almost perfect. The conduits fit snug with no modification. Some of the small holes needed to be drilled to size. The Filament Outlet filament didn’t look as good, and I had to sand quite a bit on the conduit holes for the conduit to fit. The Hatchbox looks good, but the conduit holes all needed to be enlarged using a half round file. Hatchbox also seems to be a bit brittle and will split if over stressed. The brand of filament made a difference on how much post printing work I had to do.

I spend a lot of time test fitting, drilling, sanding and filing to make sure nothing was too tight and all bolts and screws slid easily into the holes. All the parts with bearings I test fit on the conduit with nuts finger tight (not past the nylon bushing) and snugged them up after they were on the conduit.