Reply To: Evan's Build



@ztbex yeah the skirt is really just there for dust and to align the top part of my enclosure. I think things will be ok between all that and a good dust shoe.

@ Dave yup, bit tough for some things but I’ve gotta work with what I’ve got! On the plus side I have the most manufacturing capabilities of any apartment I’ve seen 😀 (printer, router, solid workbench full of hand tools/etc in my bedroom)

Praised be bachelor life, no way this stuff would fly in my living room if the lady lived here lol.

Edit: It lives!!


Dimensions are way off though… That was supposed to be a 50mm square, measuring 45 on the x and 40 on the y. Z is on point at 10mm. Object made in Solidworks, brought an IGES to Fusion (I really don’t like the CAD side of it) and cuts made with a facing pass and 2D pocket.