Reply To: 3d Print troubleshoot-


James VanDusen

Update on my status
Everything checked out from our tests… I get absolutely crap prints…. nothing is right.
What I did as of recent was:

I downsized the new system
I dismantled everything including the dreaded Z assembly

Cut everything to 20” (I had followed the instructions with 30″)

I reassembled:
X length is now 20 ¼”
Y length is now 20 1/8”
Cross both ways = 29 1/8”
Height is 8” all the way around
Everything is level

The belts have been resized and re-applied with new fasteners tight enough to be straight but slacked.
Same print outs… almost exact actually

It now may be the steppers and RAMPS as my culprit at this point…
Here is a video of the machine printing – note how quiet and nice/smooth is moves still… no slipping etc…
20″ x 20″ machine printing

Here are the prints … as you can see same issues Mark, myself have been having (as well as now Walter).