Reply To: 3d Print troubleshoot-



Okay a little summary.

1)Print my test file/s – if they work you have software/slicer issues.

2)If those don’t work do the 100mm extrusion test multiple times. Heat up the extruder, mark 100mm on the cold/raw side of the extruder, use the software to extrude 100mm. It should be within 1mm. If it is close this probably is not the issue.

3)If it isn’t extruding 100mm. Check for pulley tension using the little screw on the extruder to give in more grip. If it is going 200mm you are missing a jumper under the driver. if the filament is feeding weakly into the extruder, you can turn up the driver to give it more power, watch the heat.

4)Check the print size to verify x,y, and z steps are correct. These should be fine.