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A few things, I hope.

More rigid. I designed this for the small lightweight rotary flex shaft grinder, turns out the dewalt and a few others are a better choice. I have 2 new center assemblies not sure which one is better yet I printed the prototypes with light infill so they both flex. Need to reprint and give it another test.

Ideally multiple size tubes- but doesn’t really seem feasible with this geometry. So a single size is the tradeoff.

Less parts or faster printing? I hope

Smaller foot print, maybe, a little less dead space.

Less unique sized hardware, for easier assembly.

Better rails for us heavy users. The conduit from my first machine has been rotated several times. And I think the smoothness of the rails is having an effect on the laser etching resolution. And the stuff that comes off the rails as they wear is making a nasty mess of my machines.

I could keep going. Really this is just a better version for those that want it. I am leaving the other ones up I think they work great.

I guess I can just improve the machines we have, right? People can buy 25mm stainless and use that one and I could just redesign some of the parts I want to change…..
Maybe I should do that. Just make some changes. Cool! Nevermind, maybe I should take this thread down.