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Putting on my wetsuit so I can jump in the SF Bay and wrestle me some sharks right now!

I can turn the pots all the way to 0 current and the LED stays on. They say “good laser A-11” on the back, I guess I got the wrong ones.
Yeah I have 3 power supplies, Figured I would either screw one up or have some to put on the site. I hate waiting so I figured I will buy a handful and jut mark them up a $1-2 for those who don’t want to wait for china shipping.

I have writers/designers block right now. I spent hours designing a holder for this and got nowhere. You think the power supply needs to in the cooling chamber?

I used your pin edit because I don’t have an easy combination of resistors on hand. I will order some or head to fry’s when I get the orders packed for the day. I’m willing to be the guinea pig for that.

I have to say, playing with this laser is so much fun but I am genuinely freaked out by it. Is there much chance of a nasty burn while focusing it, seems like unfocused it really wouldn’t do anything? Should I print up a big easy turn ring?