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Hi Jon, welcome to the forums. Yes, you’re in for a great time working with this machine! So versatile and lots of cool things to try.

Before I continue, is that a Kossel delta in your picture? I’m looking for my next 3D printer and the Kossel XL is on my short list.

As far as tool holders go, the MPCNC is designed to have tools mounted using parts that screw on to the z rails, using nut plates inside the tube. This works very well, except that changing tools can be tricky, or at least time-consuming. This setup is very rigid, and there are mounts already designed for many different types of tools.

Some people, like me, use a lot of different tools and want to be able to change them out more quickly, without having to deal with screwing a new mount to the rails each time. I had been on the lookout for universal mount that was easy to change tools on, but was also rigid enough for running the router. I found one on New Year’s Eve that seems to fit the bill, and immediately adapted a bunch of existing mounts to work with Hicwic’s universal mount. I also came here to the forums and started talking it up, so at least a couple of other folks are using it now, too.

Others can chime in and tell you what they think of the universal mount, but it works fine for what I’ve been doing – laser etching/cutting, foam cutting, and routing in (soft) wood. I have not tried aluminum or very hard woods yet. It’s a bit fiddly to get the various parts to fit right – I usually print the tool mounts in ABS, then sand and use acetone to make them smooth and get them to fit. After that, changing the tools is simple.

One note about changing the tools, for those already using the universal mount: I’ve found that you need to be careful when inserting and removing the tool mounts from the universal mount, especially if they are very tight. I usually brace the z tower against whatever direction I’m applying force – luckily my MPCNC is in an enclosed space, so I can brace the top then needed. The reason for this is I once pulled the Z couple nut out of its holder by pushing down too hard, and pulled the threaded rod out of the rigid coupler by pushing up too hard. I’d like to design some sort of tool that would hook onto the tool mount and maybe part of the middle section, to allow you to apply force without straining those two points I mentioned.