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Thanks! I’m quite pleased with how it is looking. I just need more foam for the top and some longer bolts to add Camar0’s rigid middle and underslung cable chains. I have a LCD coming from China at some point and some left over LED strip I will add. 3/4″ foam is a decent enclosure material, easy to work with (2 passes with a razor and snap it) hot glue bonds it quite well and it’s reasonably cheap but stiff enough to make a box out of. I only have two chains so I will probably end up printing some for the z axis eventually. With this enclosure I don’t think dust will be a massive issue, even without the shop vac going constantly things weren’t too messy after my facing attempt.

The power draw could definitely be an issue, when I turn the vac on the router very noticeably drops RPM. I will try running the shop vac off an extension cord to another breaker.

I bought the hardware kit, I priced everything out and it didn’t seem worth buying separately. Conduit lengths are listed here. My work area is about 19 inches square. Might be able to squeeze another inch out of it if I run the belts better. If I knew about my work area size I probably would have added 5 inches for a proper 24×24″ work space, there should be enough belt for it. I ended up with two sections of spare belt, about a foot long each.

Might start calling the CNC “fat man” and printer “little boy” with both on the same table in similar foam boxes. No disrespect to that whole scenario though.

Brothers from different mothers
the brothers

New end mills coming expected Tuesday, can’t wait! Also looking forward to my optical tach so I can properly calculate feeds and speeds. Looking forward to dialing things in and doing some real work with the machine. Hoping to cut Garolite/CF/aluminum sheets eventually. I plan on making a bolt on water bath table of some sort to cut composites in to avoid the dust. I will probably try aluminum in that as well.