Reply To: Evan's Build



Given my penchant for naming builds based on their color scheme, I was going to call yours the ikea build (for the colors, not to imply cheap), but now that you’ve got that enclosure, I think I’ll call it the microwave build!

Looks really great! I like the enclosure, and that it’s easy to remove – or at least I assume it is.

You’ll want to avoid a big dust shoe like PCFlyer’s with such a small build, I think. The shoe greatly reduces your x axis. One like I’m using now might work better, or some other design with a smaller footprint. I’ll be posting the one I’m using now to thingiverse soon. I posted pics of it recently in another thread.

Early on I had lots of problems with the router, vac, and ramps tripping the breaker when running together, or if I turned on another tool on the bench. Now those three things are powered from different outlets.