Reply To: Evan's Build



I am very pleased with my 2020 i3. 2020 extrusion is a great build material and it is a good kit. Best value in a cheap kit without skimping too much, IMO. Couple small hardware/build guide issues but negligible in the face of the kit’s value. I had one y axis bearing seize up after about 2 months but replaced it with a spare in the kit and it has been running fine ever since. I have an E3D volcano on it now, mostly using large nozzles for functional prints like this. Huge fan of the Volcano, big lines and layers are a game changer when time is a factor.

Karl- Call it whatever you like, microwave build works for me. Enclosure is pretty good, I will add a hinged top yet and some weather strip along the bottom MDF, top and front door to keep it sealed better. It would be easy to remove but I have a layer of packing tape around the bottom to seal it up. Once I add weather strip I will remove that. The whole front is a door, need to print some brackets for it as now it hinges on gorilla tape. I embedded some round 10x4mm magnets to latch it, they work great! Without the packing tape you just grab the sides and lift it up to take it off. Might embed magnets in the base as well.

Thanks for the input on dust shoes- I will probably hold off for yours or design my own at some point. Still might play with PCFyer’s just for fun.

Can anyone with properly run belts please post pics of their lower belts?