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Thanks for the info on your delta, Jon. I’ll definitely keep that in mind. The other option I’m considering is a corexy machine – I need to keep doing research on that. I am looking for speed and accuracy, but ease of use is high on the list, too. Plus I don’t have a lot of money to put toward it, so some machines that have all that engineered in are out for me.

Yes, those are the mounts I made for the universal. I just replaced my DW660 mount with a new one, after discovering some issues with the old. I will post it to thingiverse so you can get the new one.

I used ABS for the tool mounts (not the universal piece mounted on the MPCNC) because it can easily be smoothed with acetone. This is not absolutely necessary – the new DW660 mount I printed in PLA, since that’s what was in the printer. I just had to do a lot more filing/sanding/fitting. The smoothness, particularly on the tool mount side, is important because of the long mating surfaces involved. Because FDM prints have natural ridges running horizontally, you really need to do something to smooth out the surface so it can slide easily, otherwise those ridges tend to lock together and make it hard to slide in and out.