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Because FDM prints have natural ridges running horizontally, you really need to do something to smooth out the surface so it can slide easily, otherwise those ridges tend to lock together and make it hard to slide in and out.

Ah, okay, so I can choose between the aggravation of getting ABS to stick, or the aggravation of getting PLA to smooth. Noted. :v)

The newest version of the DW660 universal mount (v5) is up on thingiverse.

Fantastic! Thanks! That v5 looks like the support structure will be … interesting … to build. :v) We’ll see how I do.

Although I printed my MPCNC “Better Middle Z”s yesterday and today, because it looked like the hardest printing challenge, and they came out okay. That’s even with slic3r, which I read here isn’t as good at support as cura (which I haven’t bothered installing yet). I’m 31% through my MPCNC printing right now. Woo! (And thanks to Vicious1 for posting a table with estimated build times!)

The other option I’m considering is a corexy machine

That seems worth a try: it has the same benefit of off-carriage motors, but it still creates its planar surface with rods instead of math.

I am looking for speed and accuracy

What motivates the desire for speed? My delta can fly around the build volume, but who cares? When it’s actually working, it spends all of its time moseying along at modest speeds dictated by the extrusion behavior.