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I too have read that Cura is better at support and other things, and is also simpler to use. However, I started with Slic3r, and although I have Cura as well, I’m reluctant to go through all the growing pains I went through with Slic3r all over again with Cura. I probably should, or spend the money for Simplify 3D, which is supposed to be really good.

You have a good point – speed doesn’t necessarily need to be a factor. Accuracy is much more important. I just think it would be nice to print things in less time. I was thinking of getting a volcano or a clone to speed up extrusion. Since you already have a delta, you should look into it.

I should mention that I was attracted to the larger build volume of the XL, but it’s possible to make larger xy-style printers. Hey! I have one in my garage! Maybe I just need to buy the printer head from Ryan or put together my own. There are really only a couple of things I’ve run across that are too big for my current 200x200x200 build area.

LOL but I still want a new printer. In the music biz (another hobby), we call that GAS, for gear acquisition syndrome.