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I’m not sure what my issue was. so I scrapped cura and did all the settings in slic3r and repetier. Slowed down my print and it got a lot better. thought about it and I figured maybe when I was fussing with things after the first duino blowout I might have swapped a driver board…well I did. got the voltages squared back up. so the next test print went really well and slow. except for some horrible z wobble on the X-axis. figured that out, I was using a piece of acrylic on top of the mdf. well it wasn’t taped down enough so that’s where that wobble came from. so I blasted out all my installs of cura and started over porting over the settings from slic3r one by one. next print was a glaring successs. Aside from all the crazy vibration of this thing eating away the zinc coating it’s printing just fine. now to dial up the speed little by little until I find a happy medium i can live with. its nice at 30mm/s but if I am actually going to be using the 440mm build platform, it’s going to have to speed up just a littles. We’re talking week long prints right now for anything substantial.