Reply To: 3d Print troubleshoot-


mark leino

What is your reasoning for looking to use chilipeppr vs. marlin/repetier? I’m sure there are many good reasons I’m unaware of, but I’m having a heck of a time right now with anything other than repetier. I ordered an OXCNC before Christmas and ordered a tinyG with it because it all sounded good on paper. Chilipeppr never seems to work right for me, it goes unresponsive, I need to reset the tinyG all the time, then refresh the page, then reset my 0 location, then hit play on the code and sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t.. and so on…. I was actually thinking about going to ramps with it since its so easy to use! It actually isn’t even fun using the ox because the supporting software doesn’t seem to exist or even work half the time…