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Mainly because the milling I intend to do, i can get by with easel, i prefer ease of use over down and dirty for a casual use utility. if I were making this my life’s profession, the. Of course I’d muck all the extensive settings and learn to carve in code. I’ve used slicer and repetier. curs gives better results for less setup time. and as far as chilipeppr, it’s all online. nothing to setup really. and its just one option. i just enjoy the ease of use that octoprint provides and would rather setup my machine without having to use 7 different programs to kick out a one-off design-build job. i can load a file up in cura and be printing in less than 2 minutes. i would like to mill in a similar fashion. instead of design in (ur fav design tool), export. open cam software, generate code. save. open repetier, then go to machine. it may not be feature rich, but anyone can design in easel.