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Check out the fusion 360 thread under the software section of the forum. It is a cad program with cam built in. Or if you use Inventor you could try to switch to inventor hsm (ads the cam to inventor) or if you use solidworks you could get HSMexpress as a plugin to add hsm (the cam part) to solidworks for free.

Even with the big cnc machines at work, we have to design in solidworks, run toolpaths in mastercam, export to a flash drive (send over the network to the machine), and then run on the machine. It isn’t really any more steps than 3d printing where you design, then generate gcode in a slicer and export to the printer or an sd card. If you use an LCD with your MPCNC you can export from your cam software to an sd card and then run that on the machine. This also eliminates possible communication issues between the computer and the machine. That is why machine shops that run a machine directly off of a PC will never have the PC connected to the internet. Automatic updates to a computer could cause communication issues and crash a machine or ruin what the machine was making.

If this discussion continues past another post or two we should move over to the software section and discuss it there to keep things more organized. I have noticed things tend to get mixed up here (or I am the one causing the mixing. If so, sorry). Maybe a general section should be created for random stuff that isn’t necessarily on topic with the MPCNC.