Reply To: Steppers Stalling VERY easily/ No power or torque

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Hey Vicious! First off, I love the ingenuity of your design and how much support you give! So, thanks in advance. Not sure what is going on, but it stalls just by normal motion. I even rewired with brand new wire (I had some old stuff from work first) to avoid chances of there being a short or something. At this point I’m out of ideas. I tried everything from .5VREF to 1VREF (1-2A limit) and same results minus the more power the more torque. I just don’t think these drivers can power these motors yet I can’t be the only one with these size motors but yet I can’t find anything in the 1100+ comments on thingiverse or going through the forum one post at a time. I feel like its a setting issue or something. I don’t know though.