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The problem is conduit is measured by its ID, so the OD varies that’s how we end up with 23.5mmOD. Unless we find something priced within reason with similar rigidity/mass measured as tube (OD) instead of pipe (ID). Or I pay for a large quantities of hex extrusion (deluxe version, but would need to ship rail) I think its best to stick with what we have. I do want to give 25mm Carbon fiber or fiberglass tubes a try, super common and cheaper than stainless, but I doubt it can handle the point loads without delaminating quickly.

Updates on the current parts, then maybe a deluxe version down the road seems to be the best coarse for now.

Eccentric is actually very expensive and they all vary in size and shape, it would be hard to spec a universally available one. I though about a printed insert to change one of the three bearings position but the problems happen on the combo axis with the Z. It can be done but I think we would be sacrificing rigidity to make it happen, If I just suck it up and make my models more friendly to edit I should be able to maintain 3 builds for the best rigidity. Then to handle the tool holder fragmentation issue, people only making holders for there sized conduit. We can just switch to a universal mount, which I have been worried about because another point of attachment reduces rigidity. The users here have already came up with a nice one so I will leave that alone until the design changes significantly.