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Nice looking setup!

I think you are going about this the right way. I highly recommend start with a pen. I think you learn a lot that way, level surface, speeds, mount rigidity, how to use the software. Next step a dremel, who doesn’t have a rotary tool, on hd foam. Fastest, safest way to learn..

Thanks for drawing the logo I still love seeing them. I have been dying to do some sort of contest and I wanted to start small to make sure It worked fairly and yours gave me an Idea. What do you think a small cash prize $20-$50 for best logo picture with the machine in the pic. Just like the one you have there. People can submit there logo made with the MPCNC, plotted, milled, etched, whatever. Then If I can find some voting software, everyone can vote for the winner? If we get all the bugs worked out and no one cheats we can do a bigger contest.

The Boca Bearings contest was a lot of fun for me and I have wanted to do my own ever since.