Reply To: Steppers Stalling VERY easily/ No power or torque

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First off, thank you for all your time. As someone that has a hard time finding said time to just take a breather, I know how valuable time is.

Second, here’s this 😀

Before you ask, I’m not sure what was causing issues. I did so much at one time.
1. Machine wasn’t square maybe?
2. Belts too tight? (in my video I show the slack. does that look OK).
3. Drives not tuned properly?
4. Bearings not right? (speaking of, is there any adjustment?)
5. I rewired everything 3 times, no joke. Used used cable, new cable 16/4 then went to 22/4 alarm wire.

Of course I have to travel next week, but will be throwing a dewalt on there Anxious to see how she carves. I do want to upgrade to 24VDC I think for speed (low low priority) and upgrading to a ballscrew. I have a few ideas on making a better drag chain setup for the machine. I need to contribute something now! I will keep this post up to date and maybe get a nice video to put on your playlist 😉 I will be dropping a donation your way if there is a place. Will be looking. I appreciate all your help and your time. Take care and and will probably hear from you again later!