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When I first started to look at doing this project I went out to Microcenter and bought a Mega 2560 for about $10. Then I decided just to buy the kit from here. Hoping that Vicious makes some profit instead of giving it to Amazon. And since I had no experience with arduino yet I thought I would leave it up to the experts.

So last night after manually adding the u8glib library (didn’t realize it was as simple as deleting the folder in myDocs\ar\lib\ and extracting the new one there) I was able to successfully add the marlin firmware and everything seems to be working good with the new 2560.

I still feel like a dumbass plugging the endstop wires on the wrong pins. Since I was looking at a picture of the correct way at the time. But at least I found other posts of people doing the same thing as me. Which made me feel slightly better. : )

Thanks everyone for the help!