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Peter T

Thanks for digging in to my problem.
I have tried both setting the fan output with Repetier and LCD.
Checked the voltage with S0 = 0v and S127 = 2,5v S255=5v

The thing is that the laser i working but i don´t think I can get full power out of it.
I don´t have any test setup. It´s a complete setup.

I have a 12V 20A Power supply that feeds both the MPCNC and the Laser, That should not be a problem.
Maybe I have a to thin wire from the TTL module to the laserdiode. I took the same wire that i´m using on my steppermotors. LED RGB 4-led wire.

As soon i can get a new A/V meter I will check whit that as well, maybe there is something wrong with my meter on A reading.
It´s not the cheapest one i got, but there can be errors anyway.

I´m from Sweden so it´s quite expensive to transport.
I ordered a new TTL module today to see if there is a problem with mine. But i would take several weeks to get it from Hongkong.